DJ Tips: Harmonic Mixing


Here are the best harmonic mixing methods:

1) The best mix requires you to stay in the same keycode. For example, mix from 10A to 10A. It will be perfect every time.

2) Mixing -1 or +1 from your current keycode. For example, 10A can go to 9A or 11A. This is how DJs move around the Camelot circle for smooth harmonic mixing.

3) Changing the letter: For example, 10A to 10B, or vice versa. This is how you can go from inner circle to outer circle on the Camelot wheel. In music theory, it means you’re mixing into the Relative Major, or Relative Minor keys. It’s a smooth mix as well.

Modulation mixing

Modulation mixing creates an interesting effect on the dance floor. For example, you can raise and lower the energy by playing a specific sequence of keys.

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